Medical Assistants Deserve COVID-19 Vaccinations as Health Care Workers

I recently received notice of difficulties scheduling COVID-19 vaccinations appointments for health care professionals:

I had an appointment [to receive] a COVID-19 vaccine [in February] and was just notified today by Publix Pharmacy per their corporate office that frontline health care workers needed to have a Florida license number.

I tried to explain that [medical assistants] in the state of Florida are not required to have a medical license and that [medical assistants] work under the supervision of the physician.

Still, my appointment was canceled due to the fact that I do not have a state license. I have already sent an email to Publix’s customer care department and included a link that explains what a medical assistant is and does.

I am not certain if any other medical assistants (credentialed or not) have encountered this same issue with trying to obtain COVID-19 vaccination appointments as frontline health care workers at Publix or other pharmacies. I am simply passing this information on in the event that others have encountered the same issues.

This was the first medical assistant to report this issue to me, and they did all the right things. Medical assistants may use this as a model for what to do if denied the COVID-19 vaccination for not having a license number.

In this situation, medical assistants may also want to suggest to the pharmacy staff that they go to the AAMA website and navigate to the State Scope of Practice Laws webpage, where they will find the medical assisting law for all states.

2 thoughts on “Medical Assistants Deserve COVID-19 Vaccinations as Health Care Workers”

  1. 03/16/2021 Please note I recently signed up for the J & J (Janssen ) Covid vaccine, since a free standing Emergency type center here in Orlando, FL was offering it. I had to produce my CMA (AAMA) card that I renew yearly and a letter from my current employer with the medical office I work for. We are an Infectious Disease office in Orlando, Florida and are seeing patients as needed while doing Telemedicine also. If you can show the proper ID and have a letter from your employer stating your position and need for the vaccine, this should not be a problem. I know for a fact that employees of Advent Health and Orlando Health have gotten their vaccines through these employers.

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