delegation, Scope of Practice

Nebraska Amendment Clarifies Medical Assisting Scope of Practice

Beginning in 2018, a particular interpretation of Nebraska law has cast doubt on the legal authority of physicians to delegate to medical assistants the performing of certain tasks under direct/on-site physician supervision in outpatient settings.

In response, the Nebraska Medical Association drafted an amendment to the Medicine and Surgery Practice Act to eliminate any ambiguity about medical assistants’ scope of practice. The American Association of Medical Assistants® and the Nebraska Society of Medical Assistants submitted written testimony supporting this legislation, and the amendment was enacted into law.

The new language clarifies the authority of physicians to delegate—and the right of medical assistants to perform—tasks within the standard scope of practice for medical assistants throughout the United States. I have incorporated this new language into my legal opinion letter for Nebraska, which is available on the AAMA State Scope of Practice webpage.

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