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Medical Assistants and Limited Scope Radiography

I receive fewer questions than I did seven or 10 years ago about the legalities of medical assistants performing limited scope radiography. However, in some states medical assistants are called upon to expose patients to ionizing radiation, as specifically directed … Continue reading

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Ohio Passes Senate Bill 110

I am happy to report that the Ohio Legislature has passed Senate Bill (SB) 110, which has now been signed into law by Governor John Kasich. The bill becomes effective 90 days after signing. This bill gives nurse practitioners (NPs) … Continue reading

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“An Act Concerning Medical Assistants”: Raised Bill No. 459

On March 19 the Public Health Committee of the Connecticut legislature held a public hearing on General Assembly Raised Bill No. 459, “An Act Concerning Medical Assistants.”  This legislation was the result of a scope of practice request submitted by … Continue reading

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Q and A: Eligible Professionals and Core Objectives, Part 1 (Post 2 of 5)

Because most CMAs (AAMA) work under the direct supervision of “eligible professionals” (as defined in the rules of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services [CMS]), this post focuses on some common questions surrounding the provisions of the Medicare and … Continue reading

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Favorable Report from the Connecticut Department of Public Health

In November I described the continuing scope of practice issues that exist for medical assistants in Connecticut. I also detailed my efforts in concert with the Connecticut Society of Medical Assistants (CSMA) to correct these issues and see legislation passed … Continue reading

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