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Delegation to Medical Assistants under Florida Law

The Florida Medical Practice Act defines medical assistant as “a professional multiskilled person dedicated to assisting in all aspects of medical practice under the direct supervision and responsibility of a physician.” While some medical practice consultants argue that the act’s definition means medical assistants are permitted to work under only physicians, such an argument is flawed.

In the May/June 2022 Public Affairs article, “Delegation to Medical Assistants under Florida Law,” I provide evidence—from the Florida Board of Nursing—that demonstrates that Florida law permits medical assistants to work under advanced registered nurse practitioners as well as physicians. Then, I offer insight into medical assistants’ scope of service under Florida law.

Read the article on the “Public Affairs Articles” webpage.

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Permissible Delegation of IV Infusions in Florida

I recently received the following question regarding the administration of an IV infusion: 

What are the requirements [for administering IV vitamin bags if] I completed schooling for my medical assistant certification? I thought doing an IV certification course would be a good start. What other requirements would be necessary as far as being able to administer the IV [infusion]? 

For medical assistants to be delegated an IV infusion by a physician and perform an IV infusion under the physician’s direct/onsite supervision, Florida law requires the medical assistant to be knowledgeable and competent in all aspects of IV infusion. 

Additionally, there must be written verification by the delegating physician (or another licensed provider) that the medical assistant is knowledgeable and competent in IV infusion. Completing an IV certification course is good evidence of competence. The delegating physician periodically should reverify in writing the medical assistant’s ongoing competence in IV infusion.