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New Alaska Standards for Delegation of Certain Duties

The Alaska State Medical Board has added a new section to its regulations that establishes standards and conditions under which a licensed physician (doctor of medicine or osteopathic medicine), podiatrist, or physician assistant may delegate certain medical duties to unlicensed professionals such as medical assistants.

These regulations remove any ambiguity from the assertion that knowledgeable and competent unlicensed allied health professionals such as medical assistants can legally perform intramuscular (IM), subcutaneous (subq), and intradermal (ID) injections delegated by a licensed provider under the provider’s direct/on-site supervision.

The regulations of the Alaska State Medical Board were finalized November 25, 2019, and went into effect December 25, 2019.

You can read the regulations by either accessing the December 2019 medical statues and regulations document (Page 37) via the Alaska State Medical Board webpage or the Alaska section of the AAMA State Scope of Practice Laws webpage on the AAMA website.

This is a significant scope of practice victory in Alaska, and I congratulate the Alaska Medical Assistant Society for its excellent and diligent work on strengthening and clarifying medical assistants’ right to practice!

1 thought on “New Alaska Standards for Delegation of Certain Duties”

  1. Great job Alaska! I would like to see our schools come up to speed and use CMAs in school health since RNs are not affordable for every schools. Dept of education in ever state needs to get with it. We see the physicians assistant and no need for the team of MDs every time. Same with schools, CMA is trained to handle administrative and clinical so RNs to every school are costly to schools and taxpayers. Share the word with schools that doctors have known. Support the CMA to every school health office and get the dept of education to help. Covid19 is the perfect reason we need CMAs in schools now.

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