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Levels of Medical Assisting

Here is an interesting question about “levels” of medical assisting:

I work for a very large cardiology practice in North Carolina. Is it permissible to establish tiers of medical assistants based on their skill sets? For example, are we permitted under North Carolina law to have categories such as Medical Assistant I, Medical Assistant II, Medical Assistant III based on the medical assistant’s education, credentialing, and skill sets?

North Carolina law does not forbid employers from establishing tiers or levels of medical assistants. An employer is allowed to determine what elements of knowledge and skill are required for each category of medical assistants and what tasks should be assigned to medical assistants in the respective categories.

However, these levels should not have “CMA” in their titles. The American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA) has intellectual property rights to the phrase “certified medical assistant” and the initialisms “CMA (AAMA)” and “CMA.”

Titling these classifications as Medical Assistant I, II, III is permitted under North Carolina law and does not infringe on the trademark and intellectual property rights of the AAMA. See the State Scope of Practice Laws webpage on the AAMA website to access key state legislative materials pertaining to medical assisting.

4 thoughts on “Levels of Medical Assisting”

  1. I work for a big company in Tampa, FL and I was hired in as as level III Medical Assistant and now my title was changed to Senior Medical Assistant. I don’t mind it at all because I certainly don’t want the same title as a new graduate especially since I graduated in 1999. I have experience in 14 specialties and can I am very proficient in both clinical and administrative duties. I have earned my title and rate of pay. Most new graduates want high pay rate and lead titles fresh out of college without earning them first.

  2. I agree with Josephine Torres if it’s based on your qualifications then yes it perfectly acceptable to have different tiers for Medical Assistants. We only had Medical Assistants and Certified Medical Assistants but some of us have more qualifications then some of the newer M.A.’s so it would have been nice to be on a higher scale

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