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Breaking News on Epic

It had been brought to my attention that the standard electronic health record (EHR) software product of Epic Systems Corporation did not permit medical assistants to enter orders into it unless the software was specially customized.

Yesterday I spoke with Stirling Martin, senior vice president of Epic.  He informed me that Epic’s EHR product allows users to configure the authorizations to enter data as they think best.  Mr. Martin assured me that Epic’s software permits medical assistants to enter orders into it if the user authorizations are set up properly.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

20 thoughts on “Breaking News on Epic”

  1. I am working for a large surgical group and our EHR is allscripts. I am a certified medical assistant however when I document in the EHR should it not reflect my CMA credential as I understand it to be required by CMS? And do I have the right to request that be added to our system to reflect my credentials? I work for CHS. Just wondering. Thank you in advance for your reply.

    1. Yes, Epic will display your credentials, IF you company set up your SER record to show those credentials. If CMS requires that, you should point that out to your Epic Analysts or to your manager.

  2. Don, We have Epic here at The Everett Clinic. We are allowed to enter lab/x-ray and some immunization orders. Through a validation process thats done before the software is started the clinic decides who can enter orders. Epic then sets the software up to accomodate the decision. So its up to each clinic what they allow their MAs to do.

  3. I agree I work for Kaiser northern California and I am certified and I feel that it should be added on through the system. Kaiser in northern California doesn’t recognize CMA’s, we’re just Ma’s no matter if we’re certified or not. We still get paid the same wages. The other Kaiser region is different where they are recognized and have to be certified

  4. I too was wondering. I work at Johns Hopkins and our name appears with MA behind it. Some of the MAs are registered and some are certified. I am always proud to be certified and would like the system to reflect my credential.

  5. The health group I work for uses epic and all medical assistants cerified or not can enter orders into epic

  6. Graduated in June from Medical Assisting, scheduled to take national exam for certification on September 5, and I am looking for training on Epic. Jobs that require Epic I am not eligible for because I’ve only received training on Medisoft. I am confident with my strong background in data entry and database maintenance that I would quickly be able to transfer these skills. Please advise. Thank you!

    1. Rebecca- go to you tube, there are several videos that show some of the training software and several detailed interviews regarding the program. That will show you some basics. Once you see the layout and some of the features, you will see that it really doesn’t differ from a few other programs. Use those similarities to create a knowledge base, as a recent graduate you will not have training in several of the programs out in the field. Managers know that. Stay confident in your strengths and remember, we medical assistant are more than just administrative assistant to the providers. Compassion, Empathy, Integrity- we are the front line for patient care. Best of luck!

      1. Thank you Rosanne – Thank you! I appreciate your advice. I will make my acquaintance with you tube and look into what you suggest.
        Since last writing, I have passed the national CMA exam. Currently in process of applying to register to practice in the State of Washington.
        Yes, I too feel we are at the front lines and doing our very best to assure the highest level of quality in patient care. My brand is Compassionate Patient-Centered Care and Customer Service. Best of luck to you, as well.

    2. My employer, the largest medical facility in Western Michigan, uses EPIC and regardless of your history or experience with EPIC all new employees go through the various stages and parts of the system based on what your position will be having you do. Therefore, don’t count yourself out of EPIC jobs, just tell them you are a quick learner 🙂

  7. Allscripts does allow your creditials to be shown , they have to be entered into the admin model. There is just not a system delivered CMA category . But u can make. One in the dictionary .

  8. I work for Mercy now and previously worked for tri health both uses Epic at both places they Did show our credentials after our name and we did almost all of the ordering of vaccines, blood work and pretty much everything but scripts at Tri Health, at Mercy we usually only have to order patient’s medications. The Medical Assistants at Mercy even sign ALL prescriptions except for the controlled medications.

  9. I work for a large physian owned company that has made effective to put in any order you have to be Certified Medical Assistant, Registered Nurse, or Physician with no exceptions to be made effective 12/31/13. They are currently offering the certification course to anyone who does not meet the new requirements.

  10. I work for a large Hospital that doesn’t recognize CMA’s. We are just MA’s and we are not allowed to document in epic at all. I don’t feel that my certification is being used like it should be. I am always proud to be a Certified Medical Assistant.

  11. In Connecticut CMA’s are not hired to work in Hospitals. In fact, my local College is trying to find a Speaker to come and talk about the updates and future for CMA’s validation.

  12. Can MA’s do IV’s? Trying to learn scope of practice laws. I have several coworkers who are not MA;s or nurses, can they do IV’s??

    1. Thank you for your question. The legality of physicians delegating to medical assistants intravenous procedures varies greatly from state to state. Could you please tell me in what state you are located?

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      Executive Director, Legal Counsel

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  13. Hi I work at Aurora, largest health care provider in WI. Wondering if CMA’s are able to refill meds on EPIC? We are told it does not meet requirements and physician needs to co sign. Doctor has already signed paperwork allowing certain med refills to be approved by me. Have done this for years. Because of EPIC, it does not meet standards?

    1. Thank you for your question. The answer is a bit complicated, so I will mail my response to your e-mail address.

      Donald A. Balasa, JD, MBA
      Chief Executive Officer, Legal Counsel
      American Association of Medical Assistants
      Ph: 800/228-2262 | Fax: 312/899-1259 | http://www.aama-ntl.org
      The CMA (AAMA): Health Care’s Most Versatile Professional®

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