Right-to-practice Issues in Nevada

Hello again! Right-to-practice issues continue to unfold in Nevada. Here is a brief rundown of what has transpired recently in the Silver State:

The Nevada Society of Medical Assistants and the AAMA presented written and oral testimony March 31 to the Nevada Senate Committee on Commerce and Energy. Three bills that would clarify the right of physicians to delegate administration of medication to medical assistants were heard by the committee. I assisted Nevada Society of Medical Assistants President Carol Cohen, CMA (AAMA), in writing the written testimony. I watched the hearing on the Internet, and sent a text message to Carol during the hearing with a suggestion about strategy.

On April 11 another meeting of the Senate Committee was held, and a bill was referred to the Nevada Senate.  It is favorable for medical assistants, and stands a good chance of enactment.

A medication aide bill was also before the committee. I had sent a letter to the sponsor suggesting that the bill should employ the phrase “medication aide-certified” instead of “certified medication aide.” As a result of my letter and the in-person efforts of Carol, the bill was amended and now reads “medication aide-certified.”

Many thanks to NSMA President Cohen for all her excellent work in this ongoing issue!

About Donald A. Balasa

Donald A. Balasa, JD, MBA, chief executive officer and legal counsel for the American Association of Medical Assistants, keeps his eye on what is happening in the profession.
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3 Responses to Right-to-practice Issues in Nevada

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  2. Sierra Gast says:

    this doesnt really have any points to what the issues are and its hard to really understand what is going on

  3. Brenda gedeon says:

    I really need help I want to become a medical assistant. I already take the classes and pass. I have my diploma. I just don’t have my license.

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