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Medical Assisting Policies in Washington State

Hello again, everyone. Right-to-practice issues continue to pop up across the country. To keep all of you updated, here is a brief glimpse of what is happening in Washington state.

Public policy leaders of the Washington State Society of Medical Assistants (WSSMA) (including AAMA Trustee Patricia Hightower, CMA (AAMA)) have forged a strong alliance with the Washington State Medical Association (WSMA), and are participating in a broad-based coalition of health and allied health groups that are seeking legislative changes that would clarify and protect the medical assistant’s right to practice, and improve patient safety. Well-crafted legislation would also give the medical assisting profession legal authority, existence, and identity in this state. I have spoken with the WSMA staffer who is drafting legislation, and have also been in close contact with the public policy leaders of the WSSMA.

The battle for professional recognition persists from coast to coast. Keep up to date on what’s happening in your state, and make sure your professional voice is heard!

4 thoughts on “Medical Assisting Policies in Washington State”

  1. Glad you are, as always, on top of things. WA and OR have always been leaders in the field. It will interesting to follow their effots.



      1. i am working in a medical clinic and we are interested in the policies and procedures that clarify the MA’s roll in administering vaccines to include but not limited to the flu for all ages. thanks, Janis

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