The CMA (AAMA) Credential

Q. Do all CMAs need to use the CMA (AAMA) credential?

A. Yes. All individuals holding a current CMA credential now use the CMA (AAMA) designation. This holds true no matter when a person was initially certified.

The addition of (AAMA) is to indicate that the individual has achieved certification through the Certifying Board of the American Association of Medical Assistants—an important designation to many employers.

About Donald A. Balasa

Donald A. Balasa, JD, MBA, chief executive officer and legal counsel for the American Association of Medical Assistants, keeps his eye on what is happening in the profession.
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11 Responses to The CMA (AAMA) Credential

  1. Robina A. Keogh says:

    I am glad to see this link.

    I often wonder where our credentialing standards are going when (1.) I see the offer of online learning to become a Medical Assistant. (2.) People in the work place down play our abilities. (3.) Refuse to train us further.

    Where is our credentialing going as well when the nurse population do not allow us to practice. I have experience numerous accounts of set up against not only further training but the goal to relieve us from our profession.

    Because of this disregard to our credential, I did try to break ice in this community without results. I do not know the full issue in this Green Bay community other than as I have seen in the past that care is not the reason for medicine.

    I see hiring off the street of staffing without credentialing, I see bankers, accountants running the medical profession. I also see by the way matters of health are handled that fraud is the main problem in health care. What I did was write the fraud police, complain against improper billing of care of these larger practices as in not having numbered invoices ect. Questioned the handling of bootleg medicines being given to patients which again flagged fraud. ah yes the thoughts were in my mind that tax evasion, drug dealing, and prostitution ect was part of poor money accountability. Community harassment may be a part of intrusion to my rights as a Medical Assistant because nurse unions dominate.

    As I see it we as Medical Assistants need to be protected against such scrupulous and self serving issues. Where do we go with such bad behavior?? Thank you for your time.

    • Thank you for your post, Ms. Keogh. It is good to hear from you again.

      It might be best if we discussed your questions by means of e-mail and/or telephone. Could you please e-mail and we can establish a time to talk about your concerns at greater length?

      Thank you again, Ms. Keogh.

      Donald A. Balasa, JD, MBA
      Executive Director, Legal Counsel
      American Association of Medical Assistants
      20 N. Wacker Drive, Suite 1575
      Chicago, IL 60606

  2. Ron L. says:

    How do I know if a M.A. has become a C.M.A. or not? And if so, to what local or national organization would this individual be held accountable for codes of practice, conduct, and/or ethical behaviors?
    I live in Oregon,if that matters as which organization an individual may belong to.
    Thank you for your prompt response to my inquiry.

    • AAMA Administrator says:

      Thank you for your question. Individuals who hold current CMA (AAMA) certification are listed on the AAMA website at If a medical assistant is not listed you may call the AAMA at 312/899-1500 and ask to verify the certification status of the individual in question.

      CMA (AAMA) certificants are subject to the AAMA Disciplinary Standards and Procedures for the CMA (AAMA) which are available at Complaints against CMA (AAMA) certificants may be directed to my attention. Medical assistants credentialed by organizations other than the AAMA may be subject to the disciplinary standards and procedures, if any, of these other organizations.

      Generally, there is no avenue for complaints against a non-CMA (AAMA) because only a few states have direct jurisdiction over medical assistants. In some states, the appropriate body is the Board of Medical Examiners. The approach would be that the physician is negligently employing an incompetent medical assistant. However, if the complainant is the employing (or formerly employing) physician, there would be no state agency that has recourse.

      I hope this is helpful. If you have further questions, please e-mail AAMA Executive Director and Legal Counsel Donald Balasa at

      Anna L. Johnson, CAE
      Director of Certification

      American Association of Medical Assistants
      Ph: 800/228-2262 | Fax: 312/899-1259 |

      Visit us on Facebook!

      The CMA (AAMA): Health Care’s Most Versatile Professional

  3. LaTonya Huddleston says:

    i went through 2 years of MA classes at National College about 5 years ago. I graduated with a 4.0 GPA. I was certified but I never went to take the test that you have to take to get your license. would there be any way you have any information on the test, or is there any chance I could study for it and be able to take the test. I’ve been so curious about this information, i have contacted my past college, but didn’t get any clear answers.

  4. donald says:

    what if you get hired but later they find a felony can you be fired

    • Thank you for your question. If an employer has asked prospective employees about felony convictions or pleas of guilty, and stated that a requirement of obtaining the job is that there by no felonies on the individual’s record, the failure to disclose the felony could be a basis for termination.

      I hope this is helpful. Feel free to elaborate on the fact situation, if you would like.

      Donald A. Balasa, JD, MBA
      Executive Director, Legal Counsel

      American Association of Medical Assistants
      Ph: 800/228-2262 | Fax: 312/899-1259 |

      Visit us on Facebook!

      The CMA (AAMA): Health Care’s Most Versatile Professional

  5. Corina says:

    If you are a CMA (AAMA) in state of Ohio and did not recertify-are you still able to use title of CMA?

  6. alexander says:

    I have some concerns about a medical school,its offering all kind of service with their program, they offer computer programs , but computers are not working well at all, one computer for every 3 students, to complete a homework, they are not very organized, andwe noticied when they have visitors(they want to offer goverment finance programs to new students) directors and employees put a show to make it look good, i’m afraid future students will go there to waste their time, they need qualifies teachers, not people whom recently arrived to this country, speak not well english, they start learning from students how to pronounce medical terminology in english. Students whom only speak spanish originally from cuban ,they dont understant the materials so they cheat on test, taking pictures of books and holding phones so can copy answers.I will suggest you to investigate before you give credentials to this kind of school, this school is medical technology then change to uvi (universal vocacional institute)in hialeah, fl

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