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CPR Certification

Q. I work in a billing office as a coding specialist. I have no contact with patients. CPR is not required by my employer. Why is it required that CMAs (AAMA) without any patient contact have CPR certification?

A. CMAs (AAMA) by definition are multiskilled professionals who are able to perform the administrative and clinical tasks listed in the Content Outline for the CMA (AAMA) Certification Examination, which they passed in order to earn their credential. As such, they may be called upon to perform CPR in emergency situations. Even if the current employment of a CMA (AAMA) does not involve patient contact, that may change at any time.

CMAs (AAMA) with physical limitations preventing them from performing CPR shall be exempt from this requirement. Such limitations must be documented by a statement signed by a physician.

3 thoughts on “CPR Certification”

  1. If someone’s indigestion turns into a heart attack while waiting for the provider, a CPR-certified person nearby would be pretty handy. Maybe that’s why.

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